Editor In chief will make a preliminary assessment of each submitted manuscript based on its suitability with the writing guidelines, focus and scope of the Jurnal Pendidikan Dasar Flobamorata (JPDF). If the submitted manuscript meets these criteria, the Editor In Chief assigns it to a member of the Editorial Team (Section editor) who will conduct a second assessment of the manuscript based on scientific merit and the validity of the article and its effects, as well as the methodology, article relevance, topic interest to readers, and presentation and understanding of the article itself.

If the submitted manuscript is suitable for submission to a reviewer, the submitted manuscript will be reviewed by two reviewer members who do not have a potential conflict of interest and are experts in the field of the article. If the editors do not find a suitable reviewer for the manuscript, they will look for other specialists on the topic that are equally reputable and based on their expertise and position in their field. The review process is conducted blindly.

Reviewers will return their recommendations and reports to the editor, provide general comments to the editor and both general and specific comments to the authors. Constructive comments that may help the authors improve their research results are submitted anonymously. After that, the editor assessed them collectively, and then made a decision, either alone or in consultation with other editors about whether to reject the manuscript. The final decision regarding acceptance for publication rests with the Editor in Chief.