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Canada’s history with the indigenous community is a long and complex. History which spills  over to current events in society and impacts the Indigenously community greatly till this day. This country has a concerning Indigenous Education Gap—a disparity in educational achievement between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. The Indigenous Education Gap is widening and rising quickly across Canada. Bridging the education gap is thus a critical component of any plan for enhancing the prosperity, health, and well-being of Canada's indigenous population, as well as eliminating marginalization. Education is one of the many concerns that Indigenous people in Canada must tackle. The acts of previous Canadian administrations, both implicit and explicit, have resulted in a considerable educational disparity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous pupils.  The western system of education is inherently exclusive, and its fundamental educational process is based on privilege. Resolving the enormous and ongoing inequalities in student educational learning results must be based on Indigenous notions of education, rather than a standard western/colonial approach


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Mardon, A., & Ahmed, R. (2023). THE EDUCATION GAP IN INDIGENOUS COMMUNITIES: CANADA’S REALITY. SocioEdu: Sociological Education , 4(2), 48-52.


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